This continent is home to the strongest of the human empires, and some dwarven cities. Located in the Northwest of the world, it borders the continent of Nalaria. The land is ripe with history, with its wars and fabled demi-gods. 



The humans of Astimere in its early days, were nomadic with one chieftain leading each tribe. These chieftains were demi-gods, individuals blessed with long life and immense power. When the humans settled down into permanent settlements, many of the weaker demi-gods had died out during the wars fought between tribes. The demi-gods that survived left the humans to wander the world and enter into periods of hibernation. These demi-gods later gave birth to the religions of Astimere. Some demi-gods took it upon themselves to protect certain tribes, which ultimately led to the Gastonian Wars. Zarth blessed the people of Gastonia with his protection, and Dalmin pleged to protect the tribes that would from the Northern Astimerian Empire. The followers of Zarth and Dalmin would wage war with each other, under the leadership of their respective demi-god. The most recent war, the Third Gastonian War, was fought between Gastonia (Zarth followers) and the Norther Astimerian Empire (Dalmin Followers). The result was the destruction of Old Gastonia, the death of Dalmin, and the sealing of Zarth. Zarth was banished by the remaining demi-gods because of his controversial use of demons in his army, and the corruption of the humans in Gastonia.


Northern Astimerian Empire

Southern Trade Enclave


Dwarven Confederation

Significant Locations

Notable Individuals

High Warden Gabblegore

The High Warden of the Twilight Wardens, he leads the garrison force at the Bulwark. A dwarf paladin, he has shown exceptional skill in the mastery of the light. Gabblegore has a high moral code, which often compels him to fight the forces that would bring ruin to his country.


Ratuk the necromancer, is most known for his war he waged against the Norther Astimerian Empire, by himself. He raised legions of undead soldiers and dragons to attack The Bulwark. He makes his residence in his necromancer tower to the west of Marmorea.

Prince Melatrak

Heir to the throne of Rangath and the Northern Astimerian Empire. Besides being royalty, the prince has an extensive resume. He is fully trained in sword and shield combat, a brilliant strategist, and naturally adept in spellcraft. In recent years, he has sent a group of adventures to stop Ratuk and put his reign to an end.

High Lord Kyloris

To the East of Astimere in the continent of Nalaria, there have been whispers of an all powerful warlord.