One of the newest religions among the big five, it was founded around 300 years ago and is the dominant religion in Vustrome. Yaharis started as a mortal woman, but through the favor of he gods, she accomplished feats no mortal should. Yaharis was originally from Astimere and a follower of Galmaria. She left Astimere to wander the world in an attempt to find balance and peace. His pilgrimage lasted 15 years, until she arrived in the continent of Vustome. There was a civil war happening between the Zhing Dynasty and the seven trade cities to the North. Through unbelievable odds she somehow led the trade cities to victory and secured the trade cities independence. With the defeat of the Zhing Dynasty she left and went into hiding again. In her absence, the trade cities feared for their independence, and decided to kill anyone from the Zhing Dynasty that had royal blood. They thought if they got rid of the strong leadership, the Zhing Dynasty would never recover and invade them. This was a huge mistake...