The dwarven cities is called home mainly by the dwarves, but a large gnome population and smaller human community also live here. People from around the world use to travel to Estorac's famous mithril forge, one of the few in the world able to melt down mithril. Its important to note that the dwarves of Astimere do not worship the same demi-gods that the humans do. Historians believe this played a role in Gastonia's decision to invade Naragoth in the Second Great War.


The dwarven cities of Astimere were once shinning beacons, but the began to see decline a few years before the Second Great War broke out. In the war, Nagaroth was raised by the Gastonians. The city of Estorac fell later due to the dwarves dabbling in power they could not understand.



Estorac was once the largest and most prosperous of the dwarf cities. The Epoch Stone promised to be a source of infinite power, but proved too much. The Epoch Stone gave out a burst, and a wave of dark magic consumed the city. All those affected by the blast entered a blood-rage, causing the city to fall into ruin.


The last remaining city of the confederation, it shares a mountain island with Skyriel. The leaders of the city have been staging reclamation missions.


The fall of this city marks the beginning of the Second Great Astimerian War. Its ruins are located in the Baragot Mountains, north of Ratuk's Tower.