Gastonia is set to the north of the continent, and a majority of it is covered in snow. The race of men are its only inhabitants, and they are much taller and muscular compared to the humans of the south.


The Third Gastonian War marked the end of the country. When the dust settled all their cities except for one, Constinertio, was left standing. In recent years, the necromancer Ratuk marched his legions of undead against the living; his first victims were the inhabitants of Constinertio. Now the city is occupied by the dead, and only a handful of people were able to escape to the Northern Astimerian Empire. These few survivors were able to alert the empire of Ratuk, giving them time to man the Bulwark and prepare for the legions of undead that were to come.


Vladingrad - (Razed)

The former capital of Gastonia. It was the last city to be conquered during the Third Gastonian War.

Niev - (Razed)

Located to the east, just south of the Karreat Mountains. It was the only port city that had access to non-frozen waters.

Yeskerburg - (Razed)

Located north of the Karreat Mountains, it is surrounded by hilly and mountainous terrain, making it difficult to march an army on. The only reason the city fell is because the Northern Astimerian Empire hired an airship armada to bomb the city to the ground.

Constinertio - (Occupied)

The southern most city, and the only one not covered in snow; it was the only city to survive the Third Gastonian War. However, in recent years it was attacked by the necromancer Ratuk; and eventually occupied by his forces.