This continent is home to elves and humans in the north, and the orc tribes to the south. Located to the Northeast, it borders the continent of Astimere.


Nalaria use to be a continent of peace and prosperity until the orcs emerged from the deep below the surface. Historians believe the orcs were once dwarves who were corrupted by a Deep One. The orc tribes continued to grow in power pushing the dwarves out of their land and plunging the continent into unrest.

The lands to the north use to be united as one nation, Nythanos. Historians consider Nythanos to be one of the greatest countries in history, only second to the Zhing Dynasty. The land was rich with sorcery, even incorporating the mystic arts into their armies. The country was also an atheistic and authoritarian state, persecuting all regions and non-elven races within their borders. This led Nythanos into a civil war, with two different states rebelling against them. This was the result of the king's persecution of humans and Vala'mar heretics. The war was relatively even matched, until a high ranking general, Kyloris, betrayed his king and initiated a coup. The result of the war was the formation of the three new northern factions, the Nalari Dominion, the Gilnar Republic, and the Vala'mari Order.


Nalari Dominion

Gilnar Republic

The Vala'mari Order

Orc Warband


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