The strongest faction of Astimere, it has seen many wars and always manages to survive. Founded and governed by humans, other races such as gnomes, dwarves, and some elves have moved here.


The most notable event in recent history was the Third Gastonian War. The nation of Gastonia invaded the dwarf city of Nagaroth in the Baragot Mountains. The emperor's wife was at the dwarven city on a diplomatic mission when she was killed in the siege. This led to the Northern Astimerian Empire declaring war on Gastonia. The Bulwark, the famous wall on the Eastern boarder, and Grimwraith Keep, played important roles in the victory over Gastonia. The cities of Niev, Yeskerburg, and even the capital Vladingrad were razed; leaving only the city of Constinertio standing. After the war, Gastonia collapsed with only Constinertio and a few villages remaining.



The capital of the country, it is home to the royal family. The largest and most populated of the cities, it is home to many races including a large Dwarf population that fled the city of Nagaroth during the Third Gastonian War. This has led to the city becoming a large trade hub, and the destination for anyone in the empire seeking fine dwarven engineering.


The largest port city of the empire, located on the eastern coast. It boasts the second largest fleet in Astemere, second only to Glorintine's. The ruling party of nobles often talk about independence from the empire, but no action has ever been taken.


Resting to the north of the empire, the city is located in the largest lake in Astimere. During the Third Gastonian War, it was briefly occupied by Gastonia.


Marmorea is known as the city of mages. Located at the heart of the empire, just north of Rangath. All those that seek to study the arts of magic in the empire travel here, as it boasts the second largest library in Astimere.