The southern tip of Nalaria is separated by the Corrok Mountains, and is home to the orc tribes and some dwarves. The orc population is broken up into many different tribes ruled by a high shaman. Those shamans then answer to the warchief who rules over in a feudalistic way. Corrok was the first warchief to unite the tribes and conquer the dwarf capital in the region, Khaz'moldar. The city now serves as the capital for the warband, and has been renamed Izzorgok (in orc it means "seat of the elements"). The current warchief, Brugnag, has begun pushing into the last remaining dwarf lands in the Corrok Mountains; should he succeed, the elf and human lands to the north will be his next target.




Once the capital of the dwarves in the region, it was conquered by Corrack and is orc army. Now the city serves as the capital and the sole city of the orc warband. The city is carved from a single massive mountain that rests in the center of the orc lands.