The Southern Trade Enclave controls the islands on the southern coast of Astimere. While they do not boast a strong army, their navy on the other hand is the largest in the world.


During the Third Gastonian War, some of the most powerful mages in Marmorea lifted the mage's college and moved it south above the waters of the Southern Trade Enclave. Mages from around the world come to the floating towers to learn magic from the renowned mages. Unlike the college in Marmorea, none of the arts of spellcraft are forbidden; leading to some shady individuals going there to study.



The capital of the Southern Trade Enclave resting on the eastern island, north of Amarune. Its port is the largest in the world, and within it, the largest fleet in Astimere. While Riverguard's fleet seems to be catching up in size, their quality is nothing compared to Glorintine's.


Amarune sits in the only desert in Astimere and shares an island with Glorinitne. The Hissing Canyon is to the north of the city, making traveling by foot to Glorintine difficult.


Built into the mountains, the city sits high above the ground and shares an island with the dwarf city of Dunwalf. Skyriel boasts the only airship armada, which they will sell their services to the highest bidder. The armada played an important role in the Third Gastonian War, where it bombed Yeskerburg to ruins.