The humans of Astimere follow the wisdom of these fabled demi-gods. The most powerful of the demi-gods join the Prime Council. Dalmin the deity of Order, Zarth the deity of Chaos, and Galmaria the deity of Balance are all sibilings and members of the Prime Council. The Pantheon has been the cause of every large war that has ever occurred in Astimere. During the Third Gastonian War, 200 years ago, Dalmin sacrificed himself to seal away Zarth and the countless demons he had summoned.


Dalmin - The demi-god of Order, he was the strongest of the demi-gods and protector of the men of Astimere. He sacrifced himself during the Third Gastonian War to seal Zarth and the legions of demons he had summoned.

Zarth -

Galmaria -