The Vala'mari Order is a mixed government, combining a theocracy with an aristocracy. The grand priest acts as the head of state but has no real power without the approval from the wealthy aristocrats. Located on the east coast, its borders stretch all the way south and borders the Orc Lands. The order sees the orcs as tainted beings and has fought many small skirmishes with the orc tribes. The country has remained neutral in the conflict between the Gilnar Republic and the Nalari Dominion out of fear of another civil war.



Thur Morel

The capital city of the Vala'mari Order; is a holy sanctuary where pilgrims go from around the world. No weapons are allowed within the city, but the conjuring of spells is fully permitted so long as they aren't used for violence. The city is carved from a white marble, which at night gives off a faint blue glow. The area in which Thur Morel rests is very rich in arcane power, yet the source of the power has yet to be discovered.