The Twin Peaks is the last city the dwarves hold in Nalaria and the king, Thernog Whiterune, plans on holding them. While the dwarves possess superior technology and weapons, the orc tribes outnumber them 1 to 100 making an offensive war impossible. The Twin Peaks positioning in the mountains makes it nearly impossible to invade except for the deep roads.



Bor'Norok (The Twin Peaks)

The last city of Thul'Borar, King Thermog Whiterune is insistent in holding the city instead of fleeing to the dwarven cities of Astimere. Resting in the Corrack Mountains, the city is built into two mountain peaks that are separated by a deep ravine. Many bridges connect the two mountains, the most famous being the King's Bridge as it sits above the clouds. The Twin Peaks is considered impenetrable due to the amount of defensive structures carved into the mountains.

Khaz'Moldar (Occupied)

Now known as Izzorgok, the dwarf city fell hundred of years ago to the first orc warchief Corrak.

Mignorath (Razed)

One of two cities that sit along the northern mountain chain along with Bor'Norok. At he battle of Mignorath, the orc warchief Corrak was killed in battle. The city eventually fell, and the orcs razed in honor of their fallen warcheif.